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Signs: Codes and Regulations

Congratulations. Your business or organization has decided to upgrade to LED signage. After much deliberation, a decision has been made to place this new sign installation outside your front door, near a popular street corner in town. The idea is to reach as much of your target market as possible by grabbing their attention while they are in their cars. Everything sounds good and you anticipate the process to be smooth, until your local government steps in and alerts you to the fact that your sign location and/or content goes against local sign codes. All local governments and municipalities have...

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Pixel, Pitch, and Matrix Demystified

Pixel, pitch, and matrix are all terms referencing the size and picture quality of an LED sign. You can review some other basic information on the “Top 10 Questions” page from the “About Us” drop down menu, but this explanation will be a little more in depth. Though you may never need to use any of this information again, hopefully after reviewing it you will have a slightly better understanding for what these terms mean and how they relate to LED signs. An LED sign; is comprised of a number of tiny diodes (the D from LED) that produce light...

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What’s In A Message?

Advertising and marketing are tricky businesses.  Specifically in terms of creating an appropriate message, the decisions that go into a well crafted piece of text are practically endless.  Who is my audience?  What do they like?  Who might be offended by this?  Who might we be alienating?  What is the purpose of this message in the first place? Ultimately, the best message is one that delivers on what it was designed to do.  Whether it is designed to increase sales or spark interest in the community, a well tailored message has the potential of being the best piece of marketing...

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Monochrome or Full Color? What is best for your business?

The common notion is that a Full Color LED sign trumps a Monochrome option every time, for every business.  In truth however, a Monochrome option can be just as effective and perhaps more appropriate in certain cases. Monochrome options are excellent for displaying text and simple animations and are generally less expensive than their Full Color counterparts.  For business that aren’t competing much with surrounding messages, a monochrome option may be the most appropriate.  Essentially these signs can act as updatable billboards.  They can be changed to advertise current promotions or news, without the additional costs and at a fraction...

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LED vs. Manual Display

A common issue facing business owners today, is whether it is necessary to transition from a manual display sign to an LED display option.  Many of these business owners have concerns over price, questioning the benefits of this alternative and its relation to overall cost.  We’re here to help eliminate these concerns, and assure all doubters that LED display signs can greatly improve future marketing and revenue potentials. Top 5 reasons why LED displays are worth the investment: 1. Attention Grabber – Installing an LED display sign can help businesses stand out in a sea of other messages, drawing attention...

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Signs as Marketing

Signs are so widespread we hardly notice them.  That is until we’re looking for one and we only note that in passing.  We don’t notice their effect on us, which is one reason they’re so effective.

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