1st Class Support

Our Foundation

Focus Digital Displays is committed to providing each customer with a first-class experience. This experience is achieved through a belief that customer relationships are the backbone of our business and a dedication to them will result in success. The literal definition of support is “to bear or hold up; to serve as a foundation for”, so we at Focus Digital Displays are your foundation to ensure that your digital sign communication is always effective!

Focus Warranty

  • 5 years on all Outdoor products / 1 year on all Indoor products
  • All LED board assemblies
  • All power supplies
  • All embedded electronic controls
  • All provided manufactured electronic products
  • Download Outdoor Warranty (PDF)

Focus Unlimited Training & Phone Support

  • Unlimited software training for the life of the display via phone or internet
  • Unlimited technical support available via phone or internet to ensure optimal display performance for the life of the display.
  • Download Return Policy (PDF)

Focus Content Creation Services

Let a trained graphic professional take your display to next level with one-on-one meetings to create custom still or moving graphics specific to your moving sign. Various packages available to fit your needs include the following:

  • Gold – 15 custom still or moving graphics
  • Silver – 30 custom still or moving graphics
  • Platinum – 60 custom still or moving graphics
  • Additional creation & management packages available upon request