Focus A Series LED Signs

Slim Cabinet with Front Ventilation

Focus A Series LED Displays provide installation flexibility like none other in today’s market place. Their slim cabinet design and front ventilation coupled with lifelike content playback via 281 trillion colors, results in a perfect fit for virtually all outdoor applications. Conformal coated components, gold-plated connectors, and high brightness ratings increase long term reliability!

Focus A Series – Full Color Only

  • Available in 7.8, 16, and 20mm pixel pitches
  • Digital PureColorTM with 281 trillion colors
  • Sharp text, graphic and animation along amazing video capabilities up to 60 fps
  • Ideal for close viewing proximity
Pitch 7.8mm 16mm 20mm
LEDs Per Pixel SMD 3in1 (R,G,B) 1R, 1G, 1B 1R, 1G, 1B
Module Matrix 32×32 16×16 16×16
Brightness 10,000 Nits 10,000 Nits 10,000 Nits
Color Spectrum 281 Trillion 281 Trillion 281 Trillion
Frame Rate 60 FPS 60 FPS 60 FPS
Refresh Rate 1200 Hz >1200 Hz 300 Hz
Dimming 100 Levels 100 Levels 100 Levels
Compliance UL48/IP65 UL48/IP65 UL48/IP65

Some of our Projects featuring the A Series


16mm - 128 x 96
Dims: 7'-3" x 5'-3"
El Paso, TX

Brushy Creek

17mm - 32 x 96
Dims: 1'-11" x 5'-6"
Round Rock, TX


16mm - 80 x 160
Dims: 4'-9" x 8'-7"
El Paso, TX

Focus A Series LED Signs Spec Sheet