Details? We’re ALL IN.

Out-of-State owners needed to find someone reliable, effective, and trustworthy.

New ownership was eager to boost the facilities visibility on a highly traveled stretch of highway in central Texas, and they knew a dynamic form of advertising would do the trick.

Their biggest challenge was successfully finding a local provider that could assist with local permitting and installation, not to mention a reliable, high quality LED sign product that would serve them for years to come along with incredible support.

“The explanations, communication and most importantly follow-up was excellent.  With so many other areas of a business to manage this vendor made it easy to work with them which is not commonplace and therefore of great value.” – Maureen Brown, Owner – Brown Storage Group

Aside from providing the right LED sign solution for their application, Focus Digital Displays was able to work directly with the local municipality to secure the permits for the display that others were unable to do.

Business Name: Taylor Hutto Self Storage
City: Taylor
State: Texas
Pitch: 22mm
Matrix: 40 x 96
Dimensions: 3’3” x 7’4”

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