Access From Anywhere.

Flexibility for accessing the sign from anywhere was important.

The High School is supported by group of friends and alumni known as the Helias Foundation, Inc. This group was seeking a project to support that would enhance the communication capabilities of the school. With very little in the way of signage, the idea of supporting an LED sign project was the best fit.

One of the biggest challenges for the Foundation was finding an LED sign partner that could meet the needs of the school to provide a dynamic LED sign with a flexible programming setup.

Given our wide array of products, we were able to provide a hardware and software solution that would allow for remote programming via the cloud (over the Internet). This provided the high school the flexibility needed to access and program their new LED sign from anywhere, anytime, with any Internet-connected device which truly separated us from our competitors.

Business Name: Helias Catholic High School
City: Jefferson City
State: Missouri
Pitch: 16mm
Matrix: 64 x 128
Dimensions: 3’7” x 7’0”