Navigated The Permit Process.

When it was time to upgrade, they needed an expert to work with the city.

The Home Source is a manufactured home retailer. They were looking to increase their advertising capabilities along a high volume highway. After purchasing a monochrome LED display years ago, they understood the effectiveness of an LED display and were looking to improve their signage with a new full color unit.

Their biggest challenge was that the local sign ordinance had since changed from their original LED display purchase and thus the ability to secure a permit was questionable.

“Like the way everything was handled personally and on-site, helps me understand more easily. And appreciate your willingness to be available to help with anything that might come up. Yes, I would recommend Focus Digital Displays.” – Nikka Myers, Office Manager

We were in a position to navigate the permit process and work with the City, to not only secure a permit, but for a sign that was larger and installed higher up the pole structure than what was allowed under the sign ordinance.

Business Name: The Home Source
City: Cedar Creek
State: Texas
Pitch: 20mm
Matrix: 64 x 144
Dimensions: 4’6” x 9’9”

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