Cell Phone Lot Went Digital

The cell phone lot of the Jacksonville International Airport went digital.

The Jacksonville International Airport in Jacksonville, FL has a cell phone lot where friends and family can wait for a phone call from their awaited arrival, whether it’s a loved one returning home or an old college buddy coming to visit.

The airport decided to dump old technology that was nearing it’s functional end and upgrade to a full color high resolution digital display that would be much more informative, including flight times, schedules, and airline logos. Plus, they needed a solution that would be compatible with its existing content management platform in lieu of one that required it own proprietary software.

“We thank you for your help in this successful project.  Jacksonville is very please with the sign and we already hearing feedback thru them that their management team pleased and that their customers at their airport find the display to be very helpful.”
– Doug Holquest, Director, Professional Services, Art of Context (project partner)

Our experience with providing and integrating LED display hardware with their existing content management platform solidified our ability to meet their needs.

Business Name: Jacksonville International Airport
City: Jacksonville
State: Florida
Pitch: 7.8mm
Matrix: 256 x 384
Dimensions: 7’1” x 10’2”