Focus Digital Displays Helps a Small Community Communicate with an LED Message Sign

Anderson Mill is a community of approximately 11,000 residents. Their mission is to provide quality, safe and accessible recreation programs, facilities and parks that meet the leisure service needs of the community. One way to accomplish this goal was the acquisition of a new LED message sign that could be easily updated with all the upcoming events and news. After years of struggling to justify the investment into a new LED display, Mark Maxwell, District Manager, was able to quantify the amount of money invested in the bi-weekly changing of messages on the existing manual signage. This amount, $6,000.00 a year, made the decision a no-brainer for Mark, and the District Board, to purchase the more effective and efficient LED display as it would pay for itself in just over four years. Once the decision was made, they decided to contact Focus Digital Displays to help with this project.

“With community awareness and communication vital, the new LED display will give the District a platform to reach its residents effectively with a simple press of a button,” states Ben Blackburn, Focus Digital Displays.

Focus Digital Displays provided and installed a full color LED display built by Vantage LED, a US manufacturer based in Corona, CA. They installed the display on a custom pedestal featuring the community’s name. Sending messages to the LED display is quite unique. Focus installed a cell modem that works much like a cell phone receiving the messages from a cell phone tower.

Mr. Blackburn adds, “It is a unique installation, but convenient and very effective for an area that is remote. Typically, we communicate with wireless radios directly from the user’s PC to the LED sign. We also offer a cloud-based software.”

The LED sign has been received with praise from the community and has already attracted many of the residents to participate in the latest events. The community is advocating exercising with dynamic messages on the LED sign right before summer. Focus Digital Displays helped the community by designing these messages to kickstart this event.

“I would recommend Focus Digital Displays highly. Focus went above and beyond to work out the optimum communications with our new LED sign which definitely ‘Made our Sign Simple!’ I would rate our experience as a 10,” states Mark Maxwell, District Manager, Anderson Mill Limited District, Austin, TX.