FocusColor Displays : More Colors than You Can Imagine

Bright, bold colors in an advertisement are like a magnet for the eyes—they quickly draw in viewers’ attention and keep them connected.

Our signs have a vast color range that can match the exact shade of your company’s marketing materials—to help connect your unique brand with your valued customers. We even have whole sign color calibrations, so your sign will have accurate, vibrant colors to meet your specific needs.

FocusColor LED signs vary with color palate options. The larger the color palate you have the greater the bit processing and the more precise the color. For instance, it is important that a sign’s color capability exceeds 16.7 million colors to show color content in its true color form, the color range that the human eye can differentiate between.  A 24-bit color system can display this number of colors simultaneously.

Deep color is another story. This is supported by 30/36/48/64-bit processors and shows a billion or more colors. Our FocusColor 16mm LED sign performs well above the standard; it has the highest color capability and can display up to 4.72 sextillion colors.

FocusColor Palates

Just to get a grasp of how many colors that is, there are 7 quintillion 500 quadrillion (that’s 75 with 17 zeros following it) grains of sand in the entire planet’s deserts and beaches. That means there are more colors in our FocusColor 16mm LED sign than grains of sand in the world.

To go a step further, one of the most recent star surveys discovered that there are 70 sextillion total stars in the known universe. There are almost as many colors in our LED signs as stars in the sky.

If you are interested in buying a sign with these brilliant color capabilities, here are our FocusColor options:

FocusColor 16mm

This product has the most lifelike resolution in the industry because of its 144 quadrillion colors and the option to upgrade to 4.72 sextillion. You have endless communication options because of your dynamic color palate. It is perfect for any close-viewing applications you may need and will make your company stand out from those around you.

FocusColor 19mm

The FocusColor 19mm is our most popular choice and comes with a powerful color palate. It has 1.15 quintillion colors and has an upgrade option to 590 quintillion colors. The colors are so vibrant your sign will communicate its message exactly as you envisioned it.

FocusColor 25mm

This sign has video and graphics so clear you can still see them shine from a mid-range to a long-distance. It has extra-wide viewing angles for easy sign communication. This has 1.15 quintillion colors with the option to upgrade to 4.72 sextillion colors.

To learn more about Focus Digital’s beautiful color palates, and which sign is best for your needs, contact Focus Digital Displays today.