How to Make Your Sign Shine

If you live in a city and walk or drive down the street, signs span the skyline as far as you can see—all advertising what companies believe is the next best thing. It can be difficult to make your sign stand out from the rest, which is why you need an effective LED digital display from Focus Digital Displays.

A 10-year-long survey of businesses that installed new signs saw that 45% of new customers said they came to the business for the first time because of the sign. Here are 4 tips on how to make your Focus Digital Displays sign stand out in the sea of signs and bring in more new customers:

1. Big and Bold

If you think of any popular stores, their signs are big and as a result they attract your attention. Your digital display should use large text, and be a noticeable size to outshine those around it. Look at the signs near your business and make sure yours is large enough to compete against the rest.

2. Gives a Benefit

When writing your sign’s message, it is important to include a benefit. Benefits can range from discounts, to free consultations, to contests, etc. Think about who you are gearing your LED sign to and what promotions would attract them to make your LED digital display stand out. This helps people remember your company since you are offering something special that others aren’t.

3. Remember Time is Ticking

The customers who view your digital display usually don’t have much time to take it all in. This is why your LED sign must be easy to read and get to the point quickly. The wordy signs you see on roadways won’t keep attention, but your sign can if it has a simple message that connects to the viewer immediately. Try to use short phrases which will spark the curiosity of the reader.

4. Use Your LED Sign Functions

You already are a step ahead if you buy a LED digital display. If the signs around you are static billboards, they will become boring to the viewers and after while blend into the landscape. Yet with a LED sign, you can always keep it fresh, by changing your text, graphics and images, so it isn’t boring to your customers and instead is more appealing than those around it.

Buying a LED sign is the perfect way to ensure that your sign is distinct from the rest. Contact Focus Digital Displays today to learn more about getting your own LED digital display.