3 Tips to Simplify a LED Sign’s Message

It is easy to fill up a LED sign with text and graphics because digital displays provide so much freedom and flexibility. Since it is not hard to go overboard, you must be very conscious about what goes on the sign to use it to its full potential and keep your customers’ attention.

Here are 3 tips for how to apply less is more to your LED digital display:

1. Know Your Audience

Before writing the message, think of specifically who you are writing to: moms, dads, retirees, working professionals, students, etc. This streamlines your message so instead of writing to many groups of people at once you are only writing to one. To determine your audience, think about the time of day and who might be passing by and reading your sign the most. If you focus your sign on that demographic, they will feel connected and want to contact you to learn more.

2. Think Twitter

Tweets must be 140 characters or less. Even though it is hard to get everything into that short amount of space, it is easy for viewers to quickly digest the information before they start losing interest.  When deciding what to put on your sign, try to make it the length of a Twitter post, and you will see how viewers really do stay plugged in. Some even recommend sign advertising to use six words or less. Try it out and see what you come up with.

3. Let your Sign Speak to Your Customers

Don’t load up your sign with formal language, but keep it casual so it’s easier to read. Plus, informal conversation uses fewer words than formal and relates more with customers. When writing the text, envision that you are speaking with a customer. Perhaps try saying what you want to write out loud to determine if it would fit in an ordinary conversation.

LED digital displays are the ideal way to advertise your products and one of the best, cost-effective methods you can use to increase revenue—especially when you use a clear, simple message. If you would like to learn more about how to employ the less is more principle on a LED sign, contact Focus Digital Displays today.