4 Reasons LED Signs are Better than Billboards

Billboards—we all see them while driving on the interstate or around town. Some of them catch our attention, but when we see the same billboard message every day, its magic slowly dwindles. But if instead you chose a LED digital display, you never have to worry about your vivid, ever-changing digital display losing its effectiveness.

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose a LED sign over a billboard every time:

1. Non-Static Images: Digital displays change every second, minute, hour or day if you want them to compared to billboards, on which you display one stationary message or image that eventually loses its meaning. Digital displays will keep customers’ attention since you can switch the text, image, graphics, etc., so your customers are always eager to see what’s new on your sign.

2. More for your Money: Typically you have to pay thousands of dollars a month to rent a billboard that doesn’t bring in much company profits. With a digital display, you do have an initial investment, but digital display advertising connects so well with customers you will see your company gain revenue and quickly make a return on your investment.

3. Always in Control: With a billboard, it is a long process to choose the perfect message, have it put up, and then take it down at a set time. But with a digital display, at the click of a button when you decide, you can change your message or graphics to match a new sale, or even give support to a community event. The sign is in your control, and not another company’s.

4. Keep Up with the Trend: Static billboards are getting phased out as digital starts to become the norm. Companies are realizing how billboards are losing their value with this society that connects more with the digital world. Don’t let your company be one that is left behind and still using billboard advertising. See why so many companies are choosing LED signs and noticing a significant growth in their revenue.

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