The Secret to Comparing LED Sign Prices

If you want to buy a LED sign, you may be looking at the different styles and prices and wondering why there is a price range for each sign and what makes one cost more than another. To understand digital display prices, first it is important to know what goes into a LED sign.

Behind the Screen of a Digital Display

Pixels: A pixel is a light point or a LED. It is the tiniest unit of a picture that can be controlled. The pixels in a LED display are fixed in rows by columns in a two-dimensional grid called a pixel matrix. The more pixels you have in your LED digital display, the higher your resolution will be.

Pixel pitch: This is the distance between LEDs or pixels. It is measured in millimeters, which is where the 16mm to 35mm comes from on our product descriptions. Our 16mm signs have the highest resolution since the pixel pitch is the most condensed.

Focus Color: This is one of our sharpest, most vibrant displays and incorporates deep color palates that show high resolution videos, graphics, text and animations.

Focus Mono: This communicates all you need in a simplified way through grayscale shading, and amber or red pixels with animation and graphics abilities.

How We Price Our LED Signs

When you request a quote for one of our Focus Digital signs, the price is determined by all of the factors above. The more pixels or LEDs and the smaller the pixel pitch, the price will increase because of the higher amount of LEDs in the sign. The fewer the pixels and the higher the pixel pitch, the lower the price. But every cent invested in any digital display is worth it for how it increases your company’s revenue, and enhances your advertising and communication with your clients.

Plus, Focus Digital Displays provides numerous financing options and can work with any budget. Contact us today to learn more about buying your own cost-effective LED digital display.