World’s Largest LED Signs

During the 2008 Olympics in Bejing, China, visitors from around the globe were amazed by one of the world’s largest color LED displays. The GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall is comprised of 2,292 color (RGB) LED light points and can be compared to a 24,000 sq. ft. monitor. This LED screen is solar-powered and uses the energy it gathers during the day to light up the screen at night. The LED display is Bejing’s first venue focused on digital media art with videos and live performances of artists from China,Europe and the US. 

Las Vegas is a city full of lights and sound, but Freemont Street stands out with a light show on a LED digital display that attracts more than 25,000 visitors each day. The LED display canopy is 1,500 feet in length, or five football fields long and held up by 16 columns. This famous LED screen has 12.5 million synchronized LED lamps, plus 180 strobes and eight robotic mirrors per block, which work together to create a six minute long light show that daily dazzles and wows visitors from all over the world.

There is one LED digital display on the list still waiting to be built in Dubai and will be the largest LED display of all time. It will be constructed on a commercial office building—The Podium. It is being designed by UAE development company Tameer Holding, and will be implemented as the building’s façade, and will even allow the flow of natural light into the building. It will be visible up to a mile away and 33-stories high.

A little closer to home, for the popular South by Southwest festival in Austin,TX, there was a huge LED screen on 4th and Congress Ave. Nike has been advertising its new NikeFuel wristband on the extra-long and large digital display screen and piquing the interest of many SXSW visitors through its massive, bright and colorful sign.  Did you know that Nike’s LED sign uses the same technology as our digital displays sold at Focus Digital?

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