Large Community, Efficient Communication.

A large community needed an efficient means of communication.

The Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District covers 2,200 acres of land and supports a large portion of the the southwest Round Rock residents. Given the importance to communicate larges amounts of information across a large area and the number of residents, LED displays provided the most effective and efficient way to disseminate the information.

The biggest challenge for the MUD district was finding a cost effective solution that would allow them to implement multiple displays throughout the area with the ability to control each one from a central location at the community center.

We were able to provide the complete package to include the right display, remote communication support, and the experience to successfully implement multiple LED displays within a wide area network.

Business Name: Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District
City: Round Rock
State: Texas
Pitch: 17mm
Matrix: 32 x 96
Dimensions: 1’11” x 5’6”