Meet our Newest Family Member: FocusColor 22mm Lite

Focus Digital Displays has a vast array of exemplary products. We have recently expanded our product line even more to ensure we have LED signs that match all our clients’ needs. We now offer FocusColor 22mm Lite as a simple, effective solution to your color digital display needs.

“I want a full color sign, but can’t afford one.”

One of the best features of this new LED sign is it comes with eye-catching colored text, graphics and animations all on a monochrome LED display budget. If you are in the market for a color LED display, but just need the basics, this sign will match your needs perfectly.

This sign is not designed to replace the monochrome display, but to introduce the full color display to more potential suitors because of its price point.

This new product is a spin-off of the tri-color LED sign that never took off in the LED sign industry. It is taking the concept of the tri-color budget to an affordable full color route.

Is the FocusColor 22mm Lite right for you?

The FocusColor 22mm Lite is a good fit in a wide variety of applications. Many religious organizations, non-profits and schools that might want more options than a single color LED display, but can’t afford it, enjoy the range of colors this LED sign gives them at a reduced price.

The FocusColor 22mm is not only an affordable price, but maintains the same high quality standards as all our FocusColor digital displays. It is produced by a company that has manufactured LED digital displays at the same facility for 25 years. Some of the FocusColor 22mm distinct features include:

• Vibrant color content pulled from a 256 color palate
• Outdoor weatherproof cabinet
• Extra wide viewing angles for exceptional communication
• 5 year warranty and unlimited tech support
• UL rated

Contact Focus Digital Displays today to learn more about the FocusColor 22mm Lite and why it could be a good match for your business.