How Software Simplifies Digital Sign Communication

The big factor that makes LED signs stand out from the average billboard is that they can be changed at any time with ease. Focus Digital LED signs carry the best software in the LED digital sign industry and can be quickly modified at the click of a mouse.

Focus Digital Displays’ software makes it a breeze to program your LED sign and navigate through the message options. It has a variety of text fonts, sizes, drawing tools, special effects and content windows. Most LED digital display software has only 50 to 400 pieces of clipart for their signs, but ours has over 1,200.  This clipart is referred to as EasyArt due to its ease of use.

Focus Digital Displays’ software provides many necessary and unique functions for your LED sign:

  • Update, make changes and schedule your displayed messages
  • Preview and approve graphics and content before it appears on the sign
  • Manage your sign from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Enhance displays with fades, RSS feeds and other options from the EasyArt library

If you or your employees have trouble with technology, you don’t need to be afraid of our software. It is very easy to use and to teach others how to use it. We offer:

  • Step-by-step guides
  • Webinar training sessions
  • Unlimited software help through the phone or online

Don’t forget, if you have had your sign for more than two years you should look into updating your software, which comes with fresh enhancements and even more EasyArt images.

Focus Digital Displays is a proud provider of LED signs that come complete with state-of-the-art software. Contact us today to learn more about our digital display options and how our easy-to-use software is one way we make digital sign communication simple.