4 Reasons Schools Use LED Signs

A school has a tough job when it comes to communicating well with students, parents and the community. One simple way to reduce the stress of ensuring everyone gets announcements is through a digital marquee sign. Below are four reasons why schools should choose electronic school signs for successful communication:

1. Parents Stay Connected

When teachers ask students to tell their parents about upcoming events, or send papers home announcing them, students often forget, and the papers get lost. A LED display is a simple way for parents to get up-to-date information while they are dropping their children off at school or driving by.

2. Boosts School Spirit

The community often misses out on supporting school events since residents aren’t aware of them. With a LED sign, bring more cheering fans to your events by changing the sign often to tout when the swim team has a big meet, the location of the football team’s next championship, or the dates of musicals or band productions. A big community turnout at these games or shows encourages students and lifts the school spirit.

3. Cost-Effective

The best way to invest in productive school communication is a digital display. Instead of spending valuable time and money on costly announcement letters, or calling homes, a more economical, higher-quality method of sharing news is through a LED sign. Once you make the initial investment, the maintenance to keep up the sign is minimal, and you will benefit from the sign for years and years.

4. Simple and Easy to Use

It is always a tedious, time-consuming task to change traditional marquee school signs. With a LED display, at the click of a button from your desk, you can change the sign to match whatever timely student achievement, or schedule change comes your way. It saves precious time you would rather be using to help and inspire students.

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