How to Prevent LED Signs from Turning Your Town into Vegas

Some fear that LED signs will transform their quaint town into a tacky, flashy Vegas, so towns ban them. But as technology has improved, the cost of LED signs has come down, making them more appealing to businesses, schools and churches. Through cooperation with a town’s LED sign guidelines, businesses can make sure LED signs enhance rather than detract from the town’s character.

Some communities, instead of prohibiting LED signs, enforce certain LED rules. This helps create a balance between the advertising needs of businesses, and the public’s need to preserve aesthetics and public safety on busy roads.

Before putting up your LED sign, make sure you follow your city’s LED ordinances. Here are some guidelines you might have to follow concerning LED signs:

  • To make the signs less distracting, the time between changing messages might be mandated to at least one minute instead of changing every few seconds.
  • Since some drivers can’t handle light intensity at night, it may be required to dim your sign at night.
  • Instead of flashy pictures or videos, you could be restricted to single-color text on a black background. You can use the sign to list stationary information such as hours, rates, etc.
  • If LED signs are restricted outside, you can still use them inside the building to communicate with customers.

If you would like to learn more about how to make sure your LED sign follows your community’s standards, contact Focus Digital today.