Top 3 Uses for an LED Sign

What is the purpose of a sign? To inform? To entertain? Signs have numerous purposes, most with more than one depending on the audience.

Traditional signs began as bulletins, informing viewers with static information. As technology advanced, newer forms were created allowing for interactivity, editable content and more vibrant displays.

Below are three of the most commonly used ways LED and other digital displays are used today.

1) Advertising

Still one of the most common uses for signs, no matter the style, advertising is all about getting your message through to consumers. What better way to do that than with colorful displays and animated content.

2) Brand Building

Not to be confused with Advertising, Brand Building encompasses more than just sales and money. Building equity in your brand is essential to longevity and sustainable business. Outdoor installations in high traffic locations will work towards introducing and reinforcing your brand name to potential and current customers. Increasing brand reputation is an important role for any sign.

3) Inform

Providing a public service is a great way to generate a positive reputation within the community. Displaying something as simple as the date, time, and temperature can be an effective way to draw in business and build credibility. This informative power can also be used on a smaller, more focused congregation of people. Specific, relevant information can be the difference between an empty auditorium and a packed house. These displays can inform a church’s congregation about an upcoming community service event or they can provide high school students with the new time for a big football game.

So choose your messaging wisely, and work towards strengthening all aspects of your business in one digital sign installation.