Messaging Schedule

One of the first rules of advertising is not to overwhelm your audience. Typically it is important to include as much information as possible, without actually including all of the content. In other words, it’s about saying the most with the fewest words. While informative, a lengthy paragraph on features and benefits may be disregarded by potential customers, and counterproductive to its advertising purpose.

So, let’s translate this rule of advertising to the LED Digital Display market. Considering the amount and variety of content one can include on a rotating basis with an LED Sign, it may be difficult to decide what should be included and in what order. Remember, too much and you lose audience interest – too little and you don’t gain any interest at all. Here are our thoughts on the matter:

1) Time and Temp

If you can create a sign that people instinctively look to for the time and temperature, you will increase the opportunity that other messages receive views as well. Try including a simple message with the local time and temperature in an attempt to increase overall attraction.

2) Marketing Message I

With the general information out of the way, it’s time to jump into marketing. Include a brief marketing message here, making sure to highlight the business name and primary service(s).

3) Marketing Message II

Use this message as complimentary text to the first marketing message. Include the name of the business again, but this time dive a little deeper into the available services, or briefly touch on some secondary/hidden services viewers might be unaware of.

4) Community Service

Don’t overload potential customers with excessive marketing messages. Instead, break up your marketing content with a community service message. Mention a local sporting event, or praise a local philanthropic organization for their recent work. Include something here that reinforces your connection to the community, as a way to build brand image.

5) Marketing Message III

Finish up with another strong marketing message, highlighting special deals or promotions. Remind viewers who you are, and why they need your service(s). Then, rotate back to the original “Time and Temp.” message and continue from there.

Following this message lay-out should yield optimal effectiveness and conversions. Do you utilize a different messaging scheme? Tell us about it, and how it has worked for you. We’d love to hear about it.