American Made vs. American Assembled

What does it mean to be American Made? Many companies claim that their products are American Made, but when you look at their operation through a microscope, you might be surprised at what you find.

Often times companies will decide that it is cheaper to have components for their product manufactured elsewhere. Once completed, they are shipped to a central location in America, where they are assembled and sold. These companies feel that the process of assembly is enough to label their products as “American Made.” As a result, the line between “American Assembled” and “American Made” may begin to blur.

True “American Made” products are completely built and assembled in America. The products offered on Focus Digital Displays LLC’s website for example are manufactured in a Midwest America facility by real American workers. From placing the diodes onto the circuit board, soldering connections, to encapsulating the unit for waterproofing, everything is performed right here. Interested in seeing for yourself?

For any customer interested in seeing the manufacturing process first hand, Focus Digital Displays LLC recommends scheduling a factory tour. We are willing to negotiate airfare reimbursement for any customer that has to travel to our factory for a tour and then contracts with Focus Digital Displays LLC for their LED display solution. This is something you will not find with those “American Assembled” companies.

The benefit to this local manufacturing is that when a product is complete – you can be certain that it is high quality. Meeting the ingrained standards demanded of any quality American product, in addition to UL and ETL approvals will result in a product superior to foreign competition.

Understanding the difference between “American Made” and “American Assembled” may be relatively easy, but deciphering the various claims made by these companies often is not. Be sure that your next LED sign installation was born right here in the United States of America.