Monochrome or Full Color? What is best for your business?

The common notion is that a Full Color LED sign trumps a Monochrome option every time, for every business.  In truth however, a Monochrome option can be just as effective and perhaps more appropriate in certain cases.

Monochrome options are excellent for displaying text and simple animations and are generally less expensive than their Full Color counterparts.  For business that aren’t competing much with surrounding messages, a monochrome option may be the most appropriate.  Essentially these signs can act as updatable billboards.  They can be changed to advertise current promotions or news, without the additional costs and at a fraction of the effort, normally associated with a traditional billboard installation.

Full Color Displays on the other hand may be better suited for situations where images can enhance the message in a way more words never could.  A Pizza Parlor for example may have difficulty delivering the image of a hot slice of pepperoni pizza using only words and simple imaging.  With the additional benefit of complex images via multiple color display options, a more eye catching and enticing message can be displayed.

Consider your business before making a decision on what type of sign is right for you.  Who will be viewing the sign?  Where will the sign be located?  What will the sign’s purpose be?   Considering these types of questions will help in the decision making process, and allow you to choose the best, most cost efficient sign, for your  business.