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“Here at Focus Digital Displays, we take great pride in doing our part to make sure digital sign communication is made simple. We look forward to working with you to ensure your project’s success.”

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Testimonial Video of our founders, Ben and Clay, talking with Matt from Good Shepherd Church about the importance of a good partner.

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“It was easy to work with Focus; they are very professional, and always available to provide tech support, they went over and beyond making sure that we up and running. It was a pleasure to work with Focus and will call you back for other projects that may arise. Thank you!” -Helene Vachon, City of Cedar Park Parks & Recreation, Cedar Park, TX

“I had a very good experience with the process of ordering and setting up the signs. I would rate a 10. I would recommend the sign/company to anyone needing to draw attention to their business. The sign is working well and I’m getting use to programming and setting up a schedule that would attract customer attention. Appreciate all your help!” -Roger Fox, Bearcat, Inc., Boone, NC

“The Lyons fire dept would definitely recommend focus digital displays to anyone that is looking for a display product, we had wonderful experience throughout our entire process from planning to installation and software assistance.” -Dan Dewolf, Lyons Fire Department, Lyons, NY

“I would rate our experience a 10. Already am recommending you wonderful people. You guys are talented and highly experienced within the field. I can say that you are great followers of a business model. Sign, software, communication back-and-forth, shipping, hookups, cords and cables were all top notch. We have been through shady sign people who have robbed us blind, but your company has truly been like taking a vacation. Its been a blast, calm, wonderful experience, and will be ordering again in the future. Thanks for an awesome sign, and for a great business relationship.” -Josh Brashear, Coast Community Church, Biloxi, MS

"From the initial approach in selecting a company for our new sign, concept design, setting delivery (it was right on the mark), technical installation assistance and availability for training, Focus Digital Designs has been SUPERIOR in our estimation. We feel we have a great product for the dollars spent. It gives us great flexibility in what we are able to communicate through it. We would give the company and staff a 10 highest rating. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who was looking for a digital display sign.” -Dave Sharpe, Retied Pastor, Stoughton United Methodist Church, Stoughton, WI

“I would rate our experience a 10. Very pleased with the service and product.” -Luke Carnicelli, Principal, Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School, Aurora, NY

“It has been wonderful working with your company. Both Ben and Clay are effective communicators who work closely with the customer to ensure their needs are satisfied. All work was done, training completed and technical documentation supplied in a timely manner. This has been one of the smoothest projects I have ever had the pleasure to do. I would enthusiastically recommend FDD to anyone. If I were ever in the market for another digital sign, I would consider FDD first. Focus Digital Displays is one of the best companies with which I have had the privilege to work. I rate you at 10.” -Dan Christmann, New Mexico State University – Grants Campus, Grants, NM

“These guys are the BEST!!! After firing our old sign company, I called Ben and he went above and beyond to get our sign back up an running. We were NOT pressured into buying things we didn’t need, and all of the replacement parts were NEW and NOT REFURBISHED. Ben explained everything to us and got our old outdated sign looking new again. Thank you Ben!” -Jeff Francis, Deacon, Westside Church of Christ, Round Rock, TX

“We love our new sign and will be glad to recommend you and your company. I would rate our experience with you as 10’s across the board. You were informative, highly professional, and courteous. We are 1000 percent pleased with your service and with our sign. Thanks so much for your kind service and professionalism.” -Whit Pennock, Family Minister/Office Manager, Leander Church of Christ, Leander, TX

“I would rate my experience a 10…and typically I don’t give the highest possible rating as a matter of principal. Your product and especially your level and quality of service is nothing short of exemplary.” -Jeff Bird, Plant Manager, IMERYS Carbonates, Sylacauga, AL

“I and my tenants are very impressed with the sign performance and are excited about it’s advertising potential for my strip center. I rate my experience with Focus Digital Displays, LLC a 10 and would highly recommend you and your team to anyone interested in a programmable digital display. I had gotten quotations from three other local sign companies and had done research on-line for digital displays, but it was not until I spoke on the phone with Ben that I felt confident in my decision to make my purchase. From the decision making process, to the order, to the shipment and delivery, to the installation which I subcontracted on my own, to the final set-up and programming, I have found Ben willing to take every call ( even when traveling) and spend whatever time needed to fully answer my questions and explain the process. I am very happy with my decision and I figure that I saved about six thousand dollars to boot. I have just begun the learning process of the sign programming and working with my tenants on the display message content, but I have every confidence that Ben and his team at Focus Digital Displays will be there with me every step of the way.” -Tom Ramser, Owner, 5400 Plaza – East End Rentals, LLC, Louisville, KY

“You guys are great. Rank you a 10 across the board. Will definitely recommend you. Prices are very competitive, products are highest quality, sales, delivery, installation advice and training all great. Courteous, responsive, dependable….” -John Allen, Town of Clinton, Clinton, CT

“I would rate this as a ten and would recommend your organization to other potential customers. Having compared a number of local and national companies, I found your price to value ratio to be best. I also liked the flexibility offered regarding customer vs. company installation, permitting etc.. Also, followup service to date has been great. Our sign has already generated considerable interest and conversation.” -Jerry Frederick, Ascension Lutheran Church, Tucson, AZ

Recent Solutions We’ve Provided for our Clients

We have 3 series of LED displays specifically designed with unique features to match the unique solutions our clients are looking for. We’ll walk you through the entire process to ensure you understand how your LED display will serve your organization.

L Series Displays

The Focus L Series is designed to withstand the toughest of weather and advertising with simplest of ease. Given its Full Color or Monochrome options, virtually no application can stand in its way. From simple text messages to more complex graphics and animations, this LED sign series is the perfect fit for your communication needs!

  • Full Color & Grayscale (red or amber)
  • Full Color: 8, 11, 15, 18mm & 22mm Pitch
  • Grayscale: 22mm Pitch
  • Local PC Software
  • 5 yr Parts Warranty

A Series Displays

The Focus A Series provides installation flexibility like none other in today’s market place. The slim cabinet design and front ventilation coupled with lifelike content playback in 281 trillion colors results in a perfect fit for virtually all outdoor applications. Conformal-coated components, gold-plated connectors, and high brightness ratings increase long term reliability!

  • Full Color Only
  • Available in 7.8, 16, & 20mm Pitch
  • Local PC Software
  • 5 yr Parts Warranty

V Series Displays

The Focus V Series takes the traditional LED display to the next level with proper virtual enhanced resolution technology resulting in the sharpest content playback in the industry. Adding cloud-based remote accessibility, professional content creation, a secure Android-based control unit, and conformal-coated components, including the power supplies, the V Series product is truly tough to beat!

  • Full Color & Grayscale (red or amber)
  • Full Color:  5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, & 24mm Pitch
  • Grayscale: 10, 12, 16, 20, & 24mm Pitch
  • Local PC or Cloud-Based Software w/ 1 yr Custom Content Creation
  • 7 yr Comprehensive Parts Warranty & On-Site Parts Replacement Service

Top Question: What is an LED Display?

  • What is an LED?
  • How do you define the Pitch?
  • How much do LED displays cost?
  • And many more…

Resource Articles

Because knowledge is power…

Signs: Codes and Regulations

Congratulations. Your business or organization has decided to upgrade to LED signage. After much deliberation, a decision has been made to place this new sign installation outside your front door, near a popular street corner in town. The idea is to reach as much of your target market as possible...

5 Ways Retailers Can Advertise with LED Displays

If you are looking for a new, innovative way to advertise your retail business, LED displays are the most economical, and revenue boosting option. But some don’t realize all the potential marketing possibilities in a digital sign and miss out. To make sure you get the most out of your...

Focus Digital Displays and Spectacular Media Donate LED Displays for Austin’s Trail of Lights

This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of Austin’s most renowned holiday traditions, Trail of Lights. Every year, many sponsors get involved to help keep this tradition alive. With the success of last year’s participation, Focus Digital Displays were approached again to assist with the Trail’s LED display needs....

How Software Simplifies Digital Sign Communication

The big factor that makes LED signs stand out from the average billboard is that they can be changed at any time with ease. Focus Digital LED signs carry the best software in the LED digital sign industry and can be quickly modified at the click of a mouse. Focus...

Top 3 Tips for Monochrome LED Sign Messaging

A monochrome LED sign installation may be perfectly suited for your business. It’s dynamic, it’s different, and it will attract the eyes of passing consumers. The trick, however, is to find that perfect ratio of function and flare. After all, the flashiest sign in the world doesn’t mean a thing...

How Retailers Can Benefit From an LED Sign Display

In an already crowded market place, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out from the rest. Signage and advertising seem to be everywhere, boasting unbeatable prices and top notch service. To help your business bound comfortably over this hurdle, you may decide to utilize an LED digital sign...

Viewing Distance As A Factor

In the decision process to purchase a new LED sign, your audience is a factor that cannot be ignored. After all, the purpose of your sign is to address this audience. If they are turned off by or are unable to view its messaging, then the whole process will have...

4 Reasons LED Signs are Better than Billboards

Billboards—we all see them while driving on the interstate or around town. Some of them catch our attention, but when we see the same billboard message every day, its magic slowly dwindles. But if instead you chose a LED digital display, you never have to worry about your vivid, ever-changing...

How a LED Sign Pays for Itself

With LED signs you don’t have to worry about expensive production costs or your advertising becoming yesterday’s news—your digital message center is working 24/7 to make your business a landmark in the community. Digital displays are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. The Small Business Administration states that...

Pixel, Pitch, and Matrix Demystified

Pixel, pitch, and matrix are all terms referencing the size and picture quality of an LED sign. You can review some other basic information on the “Top 10 Questions” page from the “About Us” drop down menu, but this explanation will be a little more in depth. Though you may...

What’s In A Message?

Advertising and marketing are tricky businesses.  Specifically in terms of creating an appropriate message, the decisions that go into a well crafted piece of text are practically endless.  Who is my audience?  What do they like?  Who might be offended by this?  Who might we be alienating?  What is the...

World’s Largest LED Signs

During the 2008 Olympics in Bejing, China, visitors from around the globe were amazed by one of the world’s largest color LED displays. The GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall is comprised of 2,292 color (RGB) LED light points and can be compared to a 24,000 sq. ft. monitor. This LED...

Monochrome or Full Color? What is best for your business?

The common notion is that a Full Color LED sign trumps a Monochrome option every time, for every business.  In truth however, a Monochrome option can be just as effective and perhaps more appropriate in certain cases. Monochrome options are excellent for displaying text and simple animations and are generally...

Top 3 Uses for an LED Sign

What is the purpose of a sign? To inform? To entertain? Signs have numerous purposes, most with more than one depending on the audience. Traditional signs began as bulletins, informing viewers with static information. As technology advanced, newer forms were created allowing for interactivity, editable content and more vibrant displays....

LED Signs Unite Communities

Connecting with the community is the main focus of government, churches, businesses, schools and non-profits.  One of the best ways to relate with residents is through LED signs. LED digital displays assist towns in their community relations, or churches and schools in promoting events through visual communication. The government always...

3 Tips to Simplify a LED Sign’s Message

It is easy to fill up a LED sign with text and graphics because digital displays provide so much freedom and flexibility. Since it is not hard to go overboard, you must be very conscious about what goes on the sign to use it to its full potential and keep...

Why a 100,000 Hour LED Half-Life Rating is Important To You

In scientific terms, half-life pertains to the amount of time it takes for a substance to decay by half. Similarly, the same term pertains to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) describing the amount of time before a display’s brightness degrades to half of its original intensity. It may still be viewable...

Messaging Schedule

One of the first rules of advertising is not to overwhelm your audience. Typically it is important to include as much information as possible, without actually including all of the content. In other words, it’s about saying the most with the fewest words. While informative, a lengthy paragraph on features...

Digital Display Myths Debunked

Many people have misconceptions about LED signs, so we chose to expose some beliefs about digital displays. Take a look at the statements below and see if you can guess if they are true or false. True or False: LED displays are very expensive. FALSE: LED displays have an initial...

How Auto Dealers Can Utilize an LED Digital Display

When an individual walks onto an automotive dealership, there is little uncertainly what they are there to do. Sure some may be further along in the process than others, but ultimately everyone’s goal is to buy a new car. With a consistent stream of these potential customers coming on to...

How Schools Can Benefit From An LED Sign Display

Imagine a world where information traveled at the speed of well … people. As important information arises, it can only be disseminated as fast as a letter can be sent or as fast as a word travels from mouth to ear. Even with the use of a traditional bulletin board...

4 Reasons Schools Use LED Signs

A school has a tough job when it comes to communicating well with students, parents and the community. One simple way to reduce the stress of ensuring everyone gets announcements is through a digital marquee sign. Below are four reasons why schools should choose electronic school signs for successful communication:...

Focus Digital’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2011

This past year was wonderful for us at Focus Digital Displays and we’re looking forward to 2012. Happy New Years to all our readers! Here’s a look back at some of our most popular blog posts of 2011. Enjoy! 5. American Made vs. American Assembled Published: October 19, 2011 Advertising...

Digital – Outdoor Advertising Glowing Future

A new technology is giving advertisers the unparalleled ability to change their ad messages quickly and effectively.

American Made vs. American Assembled

What does it mean to be American Made? Many companies claim that their products are American Made, but when you look at their operation through a microscope, you might be surprised at what you find. Often times companies will decide that it is cheaper to have components for their product...

How to Prevent LED Signs from Turning Your Town into Vegas

Some fear that LED signs will transform their quaint town into a tacky, flashy Vegas, so towns ban them. But as technology has improved, the cost of LED signs has come down, making them more appealing to businesses, schools and churches. Through cooperation with a town’s LED sign guidelines, businesses...

Focus Digital Displays Embraces Christmas Spirit, Delivers Free LED Sign for Charity Event

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well this season in central Texas with religious organizations across the state spreading the good word and raising proceeds for those in need. One such event was recently held at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Cedar Park Texas with their annual Follow...

How Entertainment Businesses Can Benefit From an LED Digital Display

If entertainment is the name of your game, then an LED digital display may be just the thing you need to take that important next step into the world of success. Increased competition, coupled with difficult economic times can make it hard to draw in a sizable crowd. Word-of-mouth and...

Signs as Marketing

Signs are so widespread we hardly notice them.  That is until we’re looking for one and we only note that in passing.  We don’t notice their effect on us, which is one reason they’re so effective.

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